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  • superleccy
    Sep 4, 07:23 PM
    Maybe I am dense, but why stream it to the TV wen a mini can connect to the TV after downloading the show? Maybe to send it to multiple TVs in the house at the same time? Sounds expensive and short lived.
    Well I'd like it. I have an iBook G4 hooked up to a 250Gb LaCie drive, on which I store stuff I've pulled from Elgato EyeTV2.x. They sit upstairs. My TV, on the other hand, is downstairs. I can't be bothered carrying my Laptop AND my LaCie AND their power supplies downstairs every time I want to watch a show. I want to sit in my living room, and browse my recorded content without having to physically touch my Mac.

    I don't want to buy a Mac Mini (and then pay twice for every subsequent release OS X).

    And then hey, I guess I could do all the other Front Row stuff too. Sorted.

    A "Video AirPort Exprerss" is the way to go... come on Apple!


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  • GregA
    Sep 18, 06:18 PM
    10MP phone cannot be as grainy as a 3MP phone.
    A 10megapixel phone will record more clearly the low quality picture that comes from these tiny lenses.

    It will be a much larger file, and won't look much better than a 3MP. Still, as the lenses improve this will change.

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  • Wolfpup
    Jan 13, 01:11 PM
    Explain how to set UAC up correctly to eliminate that issue with online games?

    There's nothing to set up. You should increase the setting to maximum when you first install Windows 7, but other than that it has nothing to do with playing games online.

    Because the cumulative vulnerabilities of third party software such as Flash, Java, and etc included by default in Mac OS X inflate the count for Apple. Vulnerabilities are attributed to the vendor if included by default. Most of these third party softwares have worse security in Windows.

    Flash, Adobe, Java, etc. all have virtually identical issues under all three OSes. It's rare you see something that only affects one, unless it's a significantly different program.

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  • thejadedmonkey
    Apr 25, 12:57 PM
    Great, I've been hungering for a new Macbook Pro for quite some time, and was hoping I could hold out long enough to get a non-ugly model :)

    I can't stand the UB look.

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  • CapturedDarknes
    Nov 13, 10:23 PM
    You know what�s interesting is while browsing around with my iDisk app on the iPhone, I noticed the iDisk app displays Adobe�s Photoshop icon for PSD files. I wonder if Adobe gave Apple explicit permission to use their Photoshop file icon in the iDisk app?

    Actually, Adobe DOES license their icons, formats, etc. for Apple and Microsoft to use in programs, operating systems, etc. So if Apple come out with an app, like the MobileMe iDisk, then I'm sure that they can use them. It's just hypocritical of Apple to not do the same for developers.

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  • Amazing Iceman
    Mar 29, 01:43 PM
    As RIM announced that the PlayBook will be able to run Android Apps, the competition will be very interesting.
    Additional factors need to be considered.
    Things like malware, adware, and so on for all these OS. As more and more people get mobile devices with these OS, depending on how all these players in the market protect their OS and devices against this type of security issues, the consumer will go for what works and do not need all the anti-virus *************.
    Other rumors like carrier independence, if it flies, and Apple successfully bat a hit with this, the consumers will go where their money is worth every penny.
    Making your own hardware has been a key for Apple success. Maybe RIm enjoyed some of it, but most of all the other OS are so fragmented in terms of hardware, that for them it is not easy to maintain, release, as it is difficult for any IT department to support them.
    So the distinction between enterprise/business and regular customers will also show a different distribution of the market share.

    The iPhone will get stronger. The rest would fall into the 'el cheapo' phone category. Not price related, but quality and performance.
    And believe me, I've been strongly considering getting an Android phone on t-Mobile to maintain my unlimited plan with tethering, but so far, none of the phones I have seen do really catch my attention.

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  • berkleeboy210
    Sep 19, 01:33 PM
    Good, Now lets have some more studios come on in, and just maybe i'll buy the 80gb ipod

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  • X5-452
    Aug 28, 12:29 PM
    So, uh.... PowerBook G5's tomorrow?

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  • R2D2 xx
    Mar 22, 01:13 PM
    What about the Mac Pro? It's way past due, would that come first, before the iMac?

    apple doesn't sell as many mac pro's so it's at the end of the list

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  • poppe
    Sep 4, 08:49 PM
    Who wants to be that Steve, when he gets his live press release that is streaming to London or where ever it was, will be using this new technology to show how wonderful it works.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 9, 02:02 AM
    now is the Xeon processor faster than the core 2 duo?

    The Xeon processor used in the Mac Pro is the name for the Core 2 Duo workstation processor. It was originally codenamed "Woodcrest" and is the high-end version of the three Core 2 Duo processors.

    Merom = Core 2 Duo
    Conroe = Core 2 Duo
    Woodcrest = Xeon

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  • res1233
    Mar 29, 03:06 PM

    Awesome to see Android on the top with Windows. It's about time opensource started taking off. Enough of this Apple closed source junk.

    UHM... iOS is far more open-source than windows is. Nice try... Android might be more open-source though, I'm not sure.

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  • cirus
    Apr 19, 07:45 PM
    Sometimes I laugh when I read this website.

    Look up the thread "Your perfect 2012 Macbook pro," ( pretty much everyone who mentions USB wants USB 3.0. There is no reason not to include it. People don't want their peripherals to be useless several years down the road. Or have to buy an adapter.

    I've heard so many people justify the price of a mac on the "you get what you pay for" well a cheap adapter is going to crap out on you sooner of later. And really, people buy high end devices to lug a bag of adapters around lets see (minidisplay port to DVI, HDMI, digital; Thunderbolt to USB 3.0, e-sata, other ports such as audio ports) That's 5 adapters, that needs a bag (and no these things are more than an inch).

    I personally think that Thunderbolt will become popular (just as minidisplay is) but that it will take a while. I wish I had in on my computer. If its supported natively then it is very likely that it will become more common.

    If you seriously think that they will deliberately not put USB 3.0 on their Ivy Bridge computers then there is no sense arguing with you. Why would they not? Its not that they have anything to lose?
    Personally, I think that the reason they did not put in the refreshed Macbook pros is that it would require a separate PCI slot and take up space that they do not have.

    As for future proofing, thunderbolt more than USB but there will always be a demand for USB. Currently the fastest SSD drives are way more than enough for the average user who does not need gigabyte files in 2 seconds. Speed is limited to the slowest component in the data chain which for many will be the hard drive. I mean most back up their data to a mechanical drive and not a SSD simply because of the cost, external SSD will become popular but these speeds aren't going to be needed for a while.

    USB 2.0 is still being used and is adequate for many.

    Really, the connector on your motherboard is capped at 6 gbps (sata 3), you are never going to get a faster speed than this on your hard drive on the new macbook pros. 10 gbps becomes sort of meaningless if you can only use a fraction.

    So where is you 10 gbps going to go? Hard drive cannot deal with this. Wireless, you'll be lucky to get over 20 MB/s. Ethernet is only 1 gbps and that is assuming that the connection is being used fully, providers may limit this in reality to far less. Of course you could have 2 SSD drives but I don't think many are going to use this much data, at least in the usable life of the system.

    Why have 1 when you can have both? Apple won't cut off the nose to spite the face. Of course they did do this with blu-ray (why not make it an option, don't justify this as "people don't want it" cause some do and not making it an option seems as a waste on those beautiful screens). Options are not going to hurt anyone.

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  • Machead III
    Aug 29, 05:04 AM
    You make it sound like companies have an obligation of going public. And what you may say MIGHT be true, you are also forgetting that most of the crummy companies in existence are public. Enron was public, Microsoft is public, Exxon is public, Chiquita is public. The list goes on. And you are forgetting that while in theory investors might force changes in the company, usually they don't. Only time they force changes are when the company is not delivering "enough" ROI for the investors. Investors are the primary reason why we have "quarter-capitalism", where long-term benefits are sacrificed for short-term profits.

    Personally I believe all companies not only have an obligation to go public, but have an obligation to surrender the entire control held by the board of directors to the state which is controled absolutely by the public, thereby allowing for the involvement of interests other than those financial and allowing actual democracy to pervade rather than increasingly fascist corporatocracy.

    Not that I think Apple is particularly one of the companies creating that trend, it's fairly good in that regard, and I hope to see them make a real effort to improve conditions in the iPod City.

    Microsoft on the other hand, regardless of how piss poor their software is, is notoriously ruthless towards workers, other businesses, even public serivces, and definately contributes to the overall erosion of both democracy and any kind of "Wealth of Nations" free market capitalism that remains the only partially benevolent flavour of said economic system.

    It's very true, investors rarely act upon non-financial interests, but occasionally. Still, this is what happens when the only method of interaction with a coroporation is through the buying and selling of stocks and products.

    Such is the success of neo-liberalism; it's impossible to express social human concerns with the language of GDP and quarter profits imposed by the unanimous corporate landscape of the modern world.

    Personally I'd rather pay a lot more for my Macs, have them updated a lot less often and even suffer decreases in the rate of performance improvements, if it meant that the people who manufactured the computers were paid enough to sustain themselves and their families in comfortable, suitable housing with enough money left over for an enjoyable life.

    Morality over Mhz!

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  • blahblah100
    Mar 30, 12:48 PM
    Sue M$

    What about App�� ?

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  • masterthespian
    Sep 14, 11:07 AM
    Now I have sometihng to look forward to after church. :p

    Maybe they are revealing the new iPew so that we can plug in while saying our iPenance. Apple is reaching out to the neoconservative right with their podcasts from God. New Market....We've got a new market here....;) :D :D

    "Father bless me for I have iSinned. I will say my iRosary while it plays all my podcasts from iGod." ;) :rolleyes:


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  • twilson
    Apr 29, 03:39 AM
    Nintendo is gonna kill them in the Console race. They need to come out with the XBox 720 within 6 months of Nintendo's new machine!

    Haha, you're funny. I'm no fan of the Xbox, but you've got to be kidding if you think Nintendo is ever really going to kill Sony/MS. Nintendo may have sold the most consoles, but most main virtually unused, cos the Wii is woefully under-powered, propped up by the same old kiddy franchises and once you get past the new gimmicks gets boring fast.

    I hardly know anyone with a Wii, that still uses it. The same will happen to the 3DS.

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  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Apr 14, 07:00 PM
    Well, it would surprise me. USB3.0 and Thunderbolt will come included in Intel''s Ivy Bridge. Apple would have to add more hardware and disable USB 3.0 to make it 2.0 only. Makes zero cents.

    They wouldn't have to add more hardware. USB3.0 is backwards compatible with 2.0. They would only have to disable 3.0 protocols somehow. Given they need a driver to make the hardware work this wouldn't be at all difficult, IMO; they have shipped iPhones with 802.11N hardware and limited it to G protocol/speeds so they already have a history of doing such things so I wouldn't put it past them. I KNOW if they got Blu-Ray drives somehow included with their hardware (i.e. only thing available), they would STILL not support it except in DVD/CD mode. Apple will do what they think is best for them NO MATTER WHAT. They don't give a flying rat's hind end about what the consumer wants. Steve thinks he knows better than anyone and he has a whole army of groupies telling him he's right so how on earth could he ever imagine otherwise?

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  • CalBoy
    Mar 29, 01:20 PM
    He wants all copies of Android to be "impounded and destroyed" (a direct quote from text of the suit.) Because if Google is allowed to plagiarize and distort Java, others will follow. Ellison is making an example of Google, and it's going to be a law school textbook IP case study for the ages.

    I doubt Oracle would get that at this stage of the game. It would deprive millions of people of their hardware and it would be a disaster for handset suppliers. No patent judge in his right mind would grant that kind of a request.

    What's more likely is a monetary settlement based on the number of handsets running the patent being infringed.

    Sep 15, 08:37 PM
    Apple being a California based company certainly must know about the new law just signed that prohibits hand held cell phone use while driving a car. (Reasonable law if you ask me) with this new law we can assume the phone will have some kind of "hands free" interface. It would be very hard to sell a high end phone that can't be used in a car in California. Apple must know this, the law has been in the works for some time.

    As a Los Angeles resident, this makes me very happy. I've been following it, and I'm happy Arnold gave it his go-ahead.

    I'm sure Apple will also be selling loads of peripherals including hands free headsets. I have a bluetooth headset and I love it. Anyone who use's cell phones these days and doesn't use a cell phone is an idiot, IMO.

    Want to hear me really rant about this subject, go here...
    EDIT: I took the URL out becuase the link had a naughty word in it (and I don't want to get in trouble :) ). If you're interested in seeing my rant, feel free to PM me.

    Aug 23, 05:37 PM
    I hope this eventually leads to Sound Blaster support for macs.

    Apr 10, 07:29 PM
    What's hard in the U.S. is that most people make a modest or poor salary--yet the culture is very materialistic and there is a lot of pressure to buy so many luxury goods and services. At least in third world countries, your friends aren't pressuring you to take extravagant vacations you can't afford or go out to expensive restaurants.

    You also need to add in the ball and chain that is suburban/exurban hell. Some people are chained to their five acres willingly, but many are chained to suburbia due to poor planning caused by cheap oil. The added expense of owning two or three vehicles and maintaining a suburban home on a suburban sized lot, means a lot less money for other things. People bought into the false promises of suburbia and are now paying the price.

    Apr 4, 11:42 AM
    and i was all like.. PEW PEW PEW

    Sep 4, 07:00 PM
    If the rumor is right or wrong the reality is that it has been over 10 months since the last iPod and iTunes event and therefore we will have to see some sort of an update or event to the iPod lines and more content on the iTunes store.

    Personally I would love to see a 60GB or 120GB iPod video made out of the same stuff the MacBook Pro is made out of that would be sweet :cool:

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