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charlie cox boardwalk empire

charlie cox boardwalk empire

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  • DaveK
    Sep 13, 11:36 PM
    I think Steve Jobs has done a good job of explaining why they did something so un-Apple like. In the USA Today article about it, he told the reporter that there was no way they could announce the movie store but not also let consumers in on the fact that something like the iTV was coming soon. Otherwise Apple would be asked the obvious question of "Great, I can buy a movie, but what am I going to watch it on?" knowing that "Your Mac and your iPod" isn't enough of an answer.


    I agree, but somehow watching content on "Your Mac and your iPod" until recently, was a good enough answer, and doesn't seem to have affected TV show sales on iTunes, even if it wasn't easy to watch them on our TV. I hope Steve keeps up this new thing of letting consumers in on what's ahead (the usual OS previews excluded).

    Start the countdown to Q1 2007 when movie sales will take off.

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  • r1ch4rd
    Apr 25, 06:08 AM
    OP - I got bored reading all of the posts on here, but here are my 2 cents.

    If you ask me, you are completely in the wrong. Here in the UK the law would agree and you would lose your license. If you had been going a little faster it's an instant ban even on an empty road.

    However, the legal side doesn't matter. It's not going to be much comfort to you who is right or wrong when someone hits you from behind and gives you whiplash (or worse!).

    The speed limit is there for a reason. It's to protect you and those around you when something goes wrong. Don't act like it will never happen to you, because it might!

    I recently aquaplaned during wet weather. It was my own fault, I was going too fast, but I wasn't over the speed limit. Luckily I was able to control the car and came to a stop slightly off the road. Any faster, I could have hit another driver or gone into the crash barrier. It's scary how quickly you can lose control (you can really feel the steering going and the back end shifting out!).

    Try to learn from what others here are telling you rather than leaving it to experience later.

    My Dad was a fireman. To this day he won't speak to me about some aspects of his job (in particular, car accidents) because of just how horrific they can be!

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  • Capt Underpants
    Mar 23, 04:25 PM
    It's very odd coming to MR and seeing a map of your own town on the front page.

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  • superleccy
    Sep 4, 07:23 PM
    Maybe I am dense, but why stream it to the TV wen a mini can connect to the TV after downloading the show? Maybe to send it to multiple TVs in the house at the same time? Sounds expensive and short lived.
    Well I'd like it. I have an iBook G4 hooked up to a 250Gb LaCie drive, on which I store stuff I've pulled from Elgato EyeTV2.x. They sit upstairs. My TV, on the other hand, is downstairs. I can't be bothered carrying my Laptop AND my LaCie AND their power supplies downstairs every time I want to watch a show. I want to sit in my living room, and browse my recorded content without having to physically touch my Mac.

    I don't want to buy a Mac Mini (and then pay twice for every subsequent release OS X).

    And then hey, I guess I could do all the other Front Row stuff too. Sorted.

    A "Video AirPort Exprerss" is the way to go... come on Apple!


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  • jafd
    Apr 25, 02:45 PM
    granite kitchen. So hideous

    Granite kitchen. Like a granite tombstone...

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  • milo
    Aug 28, 01:42 PM
    Apple isn't trying to remain competitive with anyone. :rolleyes:
    Never have, never will.
    They march to the beat of their own drum.

    They're competitive with the Mac Pro. Very competitive.

    I'd like to see apple release merom and conroe machines ASAP, but I'm not going to rake them over the coals for lagging the announcements from PC makers by a few days (probably in the next two or three tuesdays).

    Are all the pc merom laptops shipping immediately?

    I think that Apple shouldn't enter that race.. their products are distinguished by other features than mere processing power (as soon as this changes: goodbye Apple), and coming out with new models every few months will probably just piss off Apple customers (so far, it's pretty easy to know ALL current laptop models that Apple offers - can you say that for Dell, too?).

    Updating wouldn't mean new models, just bumps to what they're shipping now. And that's a GOOD thing, apple customers should be happy about having the latest and greatest available, not pissed off. Apple needs to consistently keep up with the latest cpus.

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  • QCassidy352
    Sep 9, 11:10 AM
    With the decent graphics and these C2D's they make the iMac a formiddable machine. Alot of PowerMac's are going to be replaced by these new iMac's i feel. Probably Apple's most impressive, solid and reliable machine at the moment

    No one who needs powerful graphics could go for anything except maybe the 24". The x1600 is pretty low-end for a mid-range desktop by now, and the nvidea 7600 is not bad but certainly not a powerhouse. And why would you say that the imacs are more "impressive, solid, and reliable" than the mac pros? Better values, maybe, but more impressive, solid, and reliable? :confused:

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  • MacFly123
    Nov 13, 04:40 PM
    Why does Apple think it's okay to continually alienate and turn away developers?? :confused: Why do fanboys continue to excuse such incidences? Why aren't people SICK of this kind of behavior from Apple? :mad:

    I think there have been some instances where I understand Apple's side of things. But yes, I realize the process really needs to be refined and clear cut. This specific case is very disappointing and Apple needs to apologize and really work things out with them! Apple needs to take strong measures to ensure that they protect the immensely powerful platform they have going for the future!

    Go Phil and Eddie, go!

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 30, 01:12 PM
    Apple's market share is growing but the fact that they supposedly (according to other posts) sell 90% of the computers that cost more than $1000 indicates that they are never going to really own the *********, lowest end of the market.


    All you need is the cream of the market. And everyone else tries to follow.

    Apple's penalty for losing the market to cheap box assemblers hawking Windows:

    The most profitable PC maker in the world, that is the Gold Standard of personal computing with Macs + OS X.

    I don't see the problem. Seems SJ made the right choice from the very beginning by using a closed licensing model. Look at the amazing differentiation between Apple and Everyone Else. And others are trying that EXACT SAME differentiation (but without the guts to actually go all-in with it) and losing. Check out the failed Dell Adamo line. Dell *tried* to Apple-ify the experience. Except for the fact that they had nothing to do with the very company that actually makes the OS it's supposed to run, other than a licensing agreement. It doesn't work that way.

    Now HP is trying it with WebOS. But Im not sure if they know how "to say 'no' to a thousand things and say 'yes' to that one special idea." It's all based on philosophy and attitude when you envision how everyday folks are supposed to interact with tech. Most tech companies out there don't have a grasp on it.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 19, 09:06 AM
    They should respond with an original product line.

    And yes there will be people who say "apple isn't the first to come up with idea X". Nonsense. Apple takes several new ideas (some their own making, others not) and brings them together to make a new product. Apple takes a risk that their large investment will pay off and that a new product line will emerge. They do not do small production runs with these new products.

    No one else made a tablet with the bells and whistles of the ipad that came together with the user experience one expects now on a tablet and produced it in such large quantities hoping a new market would emerge with great demand.

    Apple could have simply said netbooks are the safe bet, lets do that. But they didn't.

    Going forward, every tablet is going to be similar. That is fair enough. But when I look at the samsung devices, I feel like there is nothing really new about the user experience. It looks very similar to the ipad; more than one would expect. Creative companies would at least try to do something original.

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  • p0intblank
    Sep 5, 12:28 PM
    It's Showtime.

    That definitely means movies, no doubts! :D

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  • mkrishnan
    Sep 19, 01:35 PM
    Looking at some financials, I think Disney sells on the order of 100M DVD units per quarter, which comes out to about 7-10M units per week? 125k units through the online channel in one week isn't so bad. :) If they hit their $50M revenue target, that means they will see sales on the order of 1% of total home video sales? That's a fair start.

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  • Scuby
    Apr 11, 08:35 AM
    I agree with the guy who wants any iOS device to be the receiver of AirTunes music.

    I hear all the comments about Home Sharing and Airfoil, but both are only partial solutions that work in specific cases. I, personally, nt my old iPod Touch to function as a battery powered airport express - with some battery powered speakers attached, I can stream music anywhere (including the garden, etc) at the same time - perfect for parties. I could do that with AirFoil, but that means when I want to stream from my iPad to my Apple TV or Airport Express speakers in the living room I need a different solution. Plus i'm not sure the Apple Remote app will allow me to switch AirFoil sources on and off, which means I have to go back to my Mac to change them, it's not properly integrated, so not a great solution. Acceptable, sure, but far from ideal.

    Basically, having AirPlay supported natively just means the whole system works simply, flawlessly and in a fully-integrated way. No faff, no limitations on what device can play what audio to which other devices. A simple iOS app that allows my iPod Touch to function as an Airport Express will be fantastic!


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  • milo
    Sep 12, 02:51 PM
    We waited 334 days for this? That is how long we went without an iPod update, by far the longest gap in updates, and all we get is larger storage capacity and a few new games?

    In the past 2 quarters, for the first time since Apple introduced the iPod, iPod sales have declined. Last quarter, Apple sold just over 8 million iPods, down from a peak of over 14 million 2 quarters ago. The reason is because people bought new iPods, and there was no reason to replace them because it took Apple so long to update the models. Now, after all of the wait (nearly a year) and speculation about 16x9 video iPods, touch-screen controls, wireless capabilities, etc., I think this update will go mostly unnoticed to consumers and iPod sales will continue to fall. Apple needs to drastically change and improve iPod offerings if it wants to maintain its market advantage and keep the iPod fashionable.

    The fact you seem to miss is that the Nano is by far the biggest selling iPod. And they did a pretty nice update to it, what more would you want in that model? They definitely will update the "big" ipod at some point, but there are some MAJOR technological hurdles to overcome, especially battery life for video and the no-touch interface. We'd all love to see it, but apple really needs to take their time and get it right if it's truly going to be groundbreaking.

    iPod w/video sales probably won't do much (except for the price drop, which is pretty nice), but nanos and shuffles should sell like mad. I'd be shocked if iPod sales don't spike back up again.

    I just checked on the Apple site, and there isn't a new iPod updater to include the new software updates for the original 5G iPods.

    I thought updates were now going to be handled by iTunes. Maybe the updates haven't been made available to it online yet. After all, iTunes and QT haven't showed up in software update either.

    Edit: The REAL question is have they updated iTunes to be a better video player? I hate watching TV or movies in the current version.

    There definitely are new video features, although you'll have to see for yourself if your specific complaints are addressed.

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  • arn
    Apr 11, 01:59 AM
    They'll change the key and force a firmware update on any airport express user who wants to update itunes.

    Are the 3rd party AirPlay speakers firmware upgradable?

    That will break compatibility with those speakers.


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  • bwillwall
    Mar 23, 04:48 PM

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  • -aggie-
    Apr 25, 10:20 AM
    People that drive cars and consider them a weapon to "punish" other drivers need to be purged from the gene pool.

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  • Adidas Addict
    Apr 25, 01:27 PM
    This just threw a spanner into my plans !

    I've got a late 2007 non-unibody MBP - the "ultimate" which I've been updating as much as possible (Hybrid SSD 512Gb drive, 4Gb memory, etc etc) - I love my MBP but my applecare warranty just ran out last month. Which, I thought, was plenty timely so I could get the new MBP that just refreshed - quad core, 16Gb RAM seems like a LOT more power !

    But, I didn't "jump" immediately - I always wait a couple of months to see what issues develop with the product line (the 17" range seems to have some graphics issues evidently, which seem to be resolved now) - BUT, with this rumor, do I plump down $4k for a maxed-out MBP now or wait until this new case design ?!?!?!

    My current MBP is working great. The keyboard has a sticky "D" key, but apart from that, its been the best laptop I've ever owned, and the second longest I've owned before a refresh (the prior record holder was a Sony Vaio PCG-V505BX which I used/upgraded/refreshed a full 5 years before needing to upgrade !)

    So what do I do ? I wasn't planning on buying the MBP until next month, after I got back from vacation...

    Don't let the lack of applecare worry you, if it does die then replace it. Otherwise you seem very happy with what you have.

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  • kugino
    Apr 22, 12:21 PM
    all these streaming services (itunes cloud, netflix, etc.) make me glad that i still have my unlimited data on iphone...i wonder when at&t will cap the "unlimited" accts.?

    seems smart what apple's doing,'s what dropbox does for files it knows are duplicates. just keep one copy of it but make it available to all the accounts that have saved it. just need to log the hash...makes uploading, syncing, etc. much faster. and i'm sure it'll save both apple and the end user a lot of bandwidth and storage fees...

    Apr 30, 03:31 PM
    Awesome! :D

    Sep 14, 09:19 AM
    There is no way in hell that they will introduce laptops at this event.


    Oct 12, 02:01 PM
    Those look Burgundy to me, I was hoping for a more proper red, but alas those are Mock ups!

    Sep 19, 04:20 PM
    Are iTS movies letterboxed? If so, then the quality of iTS movies is closer to 640x360.As I understand, yes, this is the case. They maintain the width at 640 and crop vertically for the aspect.

    Aug 28, 06:41 PM
    Post #20 Page 1 Conroe cannot be dropped in to Yonah MB only merom.Not in MacBook nor MacBook Pros because they have no socket. You can only upgrade mini and iMac with Merom because only they both have compatible sockets. :rolleyes:

    Keep in mind that a 2.33GHz Merom costs almost as much as a new mini. But it will run way faster. Hope the mini's cooling system can handle the higher temperature. Good luck all you brave upgraders.

    Core 2 Duo Product Line

    T7600...2.33 GHz-4L2...$637
    T7400...2.16 GHz-4L2...$432
    T7200...2.00 GHz-4L2...$294
    T5600...1.83 GHz-2L2...$241
    T5500...1.66 GHz-2L2...$209

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